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These South American slippers are very rewarding to grow. Glowing colours and magnificent petals never cease to impress. They are either multifloral or sequential blooming. Phrags thrive under intermediate conditions. They require good water and sweet medium. So repot regularly. Many people grow them in saucers of water.  However, it is imortant to know that the caudatum group grows under much drier conditions and brighter light.

Phrag Eric Young 'Lucky'(besseae x longifolium)

Great shaped medium salmon. Branched spikes. Strong grower.

Price: $75

Phrag longifolium

Deep rich mahogany overlaid on olive green. Twisted petals.

Price: $45-$85

Phrag Mem. Dick Clements

(sargentianum x besseae)  Lovely red branching inflorescence.

Price: $45 - 85

Phrag Schlimii 'Wilcox' AM/AOS

Although we all know that this clone is not a representative of the true miniature species, this plant is well known as a desirable addition to any Phrag collection.

Price: $75

Phrag Schroderae 'Jubilee' AM/AOS

Large dark pink with nicely twisted petals.

Price: $75

Phrag caudatum

Large green flowers with very long petals. Stunning

Price: $85 BS

Phrag Conchiferum

(caricinum x longifolium) Green and mahogany small plant with grass-like leaves.

Price: $40 BS

Phrag ecuadorense

One of the small green group. Blooms over a long period.

Price: $45 BS

Phrag lindenii

Rare three petalled green species. This one thrives on the sunny side of a volcano.  Give it lots of light. 

Price: $70 BS

Phrag longifolium var hinksianum

Smaller growing variety of the species.

Price: $40 SLG

Phrag pearcei

Green miniature easily grown into specimen size.

Price: $45 BS

Phrag Sorcerors' Apprentice

Large plants with long branched spikes of red and green flowers. This cross is magnificent, but requires lots of space.  A mature plant is always in bloom.

Price: $65 BS

Phrag Andean Fire

(besseae x lindleyanum) Brilliant red vigorous grower.

Price: $55 BS

Phrag Don Wimber

(Eric Young x besseae)  Large brilliant orange flowers. Branched spikes.

Price: $45 SLG

Phrag Eric Young (besseae x longifolium)

Delicate salmon.

Price: $40 SLG

Phrag Grande (caudatum x longifolium)

Long elegant petals. Deep mahogany.

Price: $50-$85

Phrag Hanne Popow (besseae x schlimii)

Round pink to raspberry. Some bicolours.

Price: $50 BS

Phrag Mary Bess (besseae x caricinum)

Cute salmon pointed flowers on small plants.

Price: $50 BS

Phrag Mem. Dick Clements (sargentianum x besseae)

Strong growers. Glowing red

Price: $40 BS

Phrag Paul Eugene Conroy (wallisii x longifolium)

Green long petalled majestic flowers.

Price: $40 NBS

Phrag Sedenii (longifolium x schlimii)

Pretty pink and easy to grow.

Price: $25-$50

Phrag Urgandiae (lindleyanum x longifolium)

Similar to Sorcerer's Apprentice, large and stately.

Price: $50 BS

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