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Aerangis appendiculata

African species. Pendulous sprays of stars.

Price: $30 BS

Aerangis biloba

A chain of glistening white flowers with 7.5cm nectaries

Price: $30.00

Aerangis distincta

Miniature. Pendulant stems, large, white flowers with long creamy nectary.

Price: $30 BS

Aerangis clavigera

Small white stars with very long nectaries. Miniature plants.

Price: $30 BS

Aeranthes henricii

Huge exotic green and white. Very rare. Can be tricky to grow.

Price: $35 SDG

Aeranthes denticulata

Icey-green frog-like flowers on wiry stems. Sequentially blooming.

Price: $35 NBS

Aerangis punctata

Diminutive plant with glaucus leaves. Very large flowers disproportion to the plant.

Price: $35 BS

Aerangis macrocentra

Miniature. Long pendulant stems with small white, pink tinged flowers arranged in two rows.

Price: $30 NBS

Aerangis mooreana

Formerly known as stylosa. A small plant that produces 2-3 stems bearing 16 - 20 delicate white flowers.

Price: $30 NBS

Angraecum Elephantium

Miniature plant. Very large white flowers. Does well mounted.

Price: $30 NBS

Angreacum leonis

Succulent fan shape of plant only adds to the charm of this fragrant white beauty.

Price: $30 SDG

Ada aurantiaca 'Sunset Blaze'

Deep solid orange. Slightly cooler growing. Sepals & petals do not open wide. Division.

Price: $40 BS

Ada keiliana 'Black Creek' AM/AOS

Orange base with mahogany bars. Division.

Price: $55 BS

Brassia bidens 'Bully' JC/AOS

A peloric form with three perfect lips. Fragrant. Division.

Price: $50 BS

Brassia lanceana 'JEM' CHM/AOS

Small sturdy yellow spiders. Division.

Price: $55 BS

Brassia New Start 'Galaxy'

Huge green and chocolate spiders.

Price: $40 BS

Brassia Rex 'Christine' AM/HOS

Large green spiders with mahogany barring. Strong grower.

Price: $40 BS

Brassia Rex 'Tahoma' AM/AOS

Large yellow green spiders.

Price: $45 BS

Bulb burfordiense 'Top Hat'

Pale greenish mahogany with white spots. Regal presence.

Price: $35 BS

Bulb levanae 'Who Died'

A stinker from the Philipines. Stunning dark red . A must have.

Price: $45 BS

Bulb medusae

Umbells of long tailed white flowers give the medusae look.

Price: $35 BS

Bulb oxypterum 'Big Bertha'

Yellow, heavily speckled with purple.

Price: $40 BS

Bulb sulfureum

Strong yellow. Striking.

Price: $35 BS

Bulb trigonosepalum ‘Doggy Doo’

Red beauty with fragrance most foul. Makes fragrance competitions challenging.

Price: $35 BS

Bulb Stars and Stripes

(lobbii x bicolor)

Price: $25 BS

Bulb Stella Mizuta 'KG'

(macranthum x lobbii)

Price: $35 BS

Amsiella philipinensis

A tiny plant with a large fragrant flower.  Grows like a Phaelenopsis.

C walkeriana ‘Manhatten Blue’

Blue form of walkeriana. Fragrant. Excellent.

Price: $20 NBS

Blc. Arabesque ‘Golden Zebra’ AM/AOS

5 1/2 inch orange flowers with darker red orange veining on petals. Good substance. Eye catching.

Price: $15 SDG

Blc. Greenwich 'Elmhurst' AM/AOS

Old favourite. Huge icy green flowers. Fragrant.

Price: $25 NBS

Slc. Jewel Box 'Scheherazade' AM/AOS

An old favourite. Clusters of brilliant red flowers. Reliable bloomer.

Price: $30 BS

Slc. Jewel Box ' Dark Waters' AM/AOS

Another well known clone with darker red flowers. Many have seen large specimens of this clone.

Price: $30 BS

Slc (Mae Hawkins x Golden Wax) x BLC Chocolate Sun

Lustrous mandarin to red to chocolate heads of flowers.

Price: $20 BS

Anguloa clowesii

Chromium yellow tulips. Large flowers with very heavy substance.

Price: $45 BS

Lycaste aromatica

Sepals chartreuse, lip & petals chrome yellow. Easy to grow. Fragrant.

Price: $40 BS

Lycaste tricolor

Highly scented. Smallish plants. In bud now. Bloom spring and fall.

Price: $50 BS

Lycaste xytriophora

Chocolate coloured species. Tends to free bloom.

Price: $45 BS

Lycaste Pamela Annan-Brady (Hardie x Shoalhaven)

Raspberry, strawberry, cherry shades. Great shape.

Price: $45 BS

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