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This is a fascinating group of plants. They vary from the minute to the humongous. Each flower is weird. Some flowers can be a foot long. Some leaves can be 4 -5 feet long. Many have an odour. Notice that I did not say they were fragrant, although some are. There are representatives in all parts of the tropical world. Some experts split the Bulbophyllum and the Cirrhopetalum, but until they can agree we will go with the genus name with which we acquire them. With anywhere from 300 to 3000 species (depends if you are consulting a lumper or a splitter), there is much interest in classifying this genus at present. Bulbophyllums grow wet at intermediate to warm temperatures with bright light.

Bulb ambrosia

Flowers ivory with dark longitudinal stripes.

Price: $25 BS

Bulb biflorum ‘Lil’ CBM/AOS

Paired densely dotted flowers appear almost solid mahogany.

Price: $35 BS

Bulb careyanum

Smelly brown racemes in profusion.

Price: $30 BS

Bulb cocoinium

Strong grower. Coconut scented flowers. 40 cm spikes with up to 100 flowers.

Price: $25 BS

Bulb corolliferum v atropurpureum 'Purple Passion'

Lots of lovely bright purple pinwheels that are only slightly stinky. Dew drops form on flowers.

Price: $25 BS

Bulb dearii 'King Cobra'

Hooded mustard dorsal. Heavy red pigmentation on lip and lateral sepals.

Price: $35 BS

Bulb dearii 'Orange Crush'

This one has more orange than red.

Price: $35 BS

Bulb dentiferum

Pinwheels of cream and pink.

Price: $30 BS

Bulb echinolabium

30 to 45cm ochre & red flowers. Successive flowering species from Borneo and Sulawesi.

Price: $30-$50 SDG, BS

Bulb gracillimum 'Crimson Tide'

Graceful umbels of thin red flowers. Grows in deep shade.

Price: $30 BS

Bulb lepidum 'Sunset Fire'

Rose pinwheels on fast growing small plants.

Price: $30 BS

Bulb lobbii 'Gold Bullion' HCC/AOS

Large flower with fascinating hinged lip. More colourful than 'Kathy's Gold'.

Price: $40 BS

Bulb lobbii 'Kathy's Gold' AM/AOS

Large unusual golden flowers.

Price: $40 BS

Bulb longiflorum 'Crown Point'

Price: $35 BS

Bulb macranthum 'Kaplan'

Sepals and petals pale cream covered with heavy dark mahogany spots. Smells like cloves.

Price: $35 BS

Bulb patens

Small dark red flowers on a hairy plant with a rambling habit.

Price: $30 BS

Bulb rothschildianum 'Red Chimney' FCC/AOS

The huge mahogany red flowers with stunning presence. Division.

Price: $50 BS

Bulb rothschildianum

Seed raised. Each one stunning. 

Price: $30 NBS

Bulb roxburgii 'Our Tropics' CHM/AOS

2 cm sandy yellow flowers displayed in umbels of 5 -8. Doug says that it has a questionable odour.

Price: $40 BS

Bulb sandersonii

Does well on slab. Small purple marked red flowers.

Price: $25 BS

Bulb saurocephalum 'Pink Profusion'

4-5 inch pink stems with 15 to 20 one cm pink flowers Weird is beautiful.

Price: $45 BS

Bulb sumatranum

Sepals deep yellow with ruby red spots. Red striped petals.

Price: $35 BS

Bulb vaginatum

In appearance it is a smaller version of medusae that is easier to flower.

Price: $25 BS

Bulb Elizabeth Ann 'Buckleberry' FCC/AOS

Famous, large flowered rose-red. Easy to grow and flower.

Price: $40 BS

Bulb Emily Siegerist 'Purple Dragon'

(Elizabeth Ann x lasiochilum) Easy to grow. Chubby, hairy, garnet spotted lovely. We love it.

Bulb (fascinator x affine) 'Purple Pervert'

Stunning purple-red flowers with black hairy appendages. Hairy and hoary.

Price: $30 BS

Bulb Frank Smith 'Redlands Phantom'

Lobbii x carunculatum.

Price: $35 BS

Bulb Mem. Richard Mizuta

Large unusual flowers on medium sized plants. (lobbii x affine)

Price: $25 BS

Bulb Sunshine Queen 'Carolina Leather'

Mastersianum x corolliferum. Deep mustard yellow pinwheels.

Price: $35 BS

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