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Odontoglossums are spectacular in colour and shape but for the most part cool growers that are difficult even for the experienced grower in the house. However, we would all like to have the great shape and fabulous colour that they impart to their progeny. The pure reds and yellows will tolerate warmer temperatures. Most people do best with these and the other intergeneric hybrids that tolerate more warmth. The species of Oncidium, Miltoniopsis, and Odontoglossum plus a few more allied genera are mixed together through hybridization to produce a vast, almost never ending array of flower forms and colours. Names like Aliceara, Beallara, Brassidium, Brassada, Colmanara, Degarmoara, Miltassia, Miltonidium, Odontobrassia, Odontocidium, Vuylstekeara, Wilsonara, denote the plants that blend the best of the contributing species. These have the hybrid vigor that make them relatively easy to grow and flower. Give them good light and intermediate temperatures and they will reward you with lots of flowers. The graceful arching sprays can appear more than once a year.  Many are easy for the beginner.

Adaglossum. Summit 'Frenchtown' AM/AOS

Stunning almost black sepals and petals, orange lip. Up to 4 spikes per bulb.

Aliceara Sunday Best 'Ontario' HCC/AOS

Reddish Brassia type flowers beautifully arranged on arching spikes. Much more colourful than 'Muffin'.

Beallara Peggy Ruth Carpenter 'Morning Joy'

Elegant stars of pink with maroon markings. Sold out quickly last year.

Beallara Tahoma Glacier 'Sugar Sweet' AM/AOS

Cream with light burgundy spotting. Lip white with burgundy spotting and bright yellow eye. Fragrant.

Brassidium Wild Warrior 'Chieftain' HCC/AOS

Butter yellow spiders heavily blotched with dark chocolate.

Colmanara Wildcat 'Blood Ruby' AM/AOS

Solid chocolate with red lip. Stunning.

Degarmoara Mem. Jay Yamada 'Kauai #2'

A larger, more spectacular version Mtssa C.M. Fitch. Purple with darker purple bars.

Miltassia Royal Robe 'Jerry's Pick' AM/AOS

Dark red maroon stars. Vigorous plants. Long lasting flowers may appear more than once per year.

Odontocidium Black Beauty 'Black Magic'

Deep blackberry sepals & petals. Magenta lip accented with a white spot.

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