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Lycaste habitat extends from Mexico to Bolivia. Many are enchantingly fragrant. Though most are medium to large plants with very large flowers there are at least two small species. Since they grow in mid to high elevations and are at times even subjected to nighttime frosts, they were considered low light growing plants. We now know that to get the best flowering Lycastes require high light, good humidity, and intermediate temperatures. The hate to be dry. To varying degrees they all loose their leaves before flowering. Anguloas are closely allied to Lycaste and contribute their tulip look and broad sepals to the stunning Angulocastes.

Anguloa uniflora

Bubble scented piggies in a blanket.

Price: $30-$45 SDG,BS

Anguloa xdubia

Natural hybrid of clowesii x uniflora. Gold with terra cotta spotting. Heavy substance.

Price: $30-$45 SDG, BS

Anguloa ruckeri

Old gold exterior hiding deep magenta interior.

Price: $30 SDG

Anguloa Wyld Chalice (clowesii x cliftonii)

Yellow tulips with the hybrid vigor.

Price: $25 SDG

Lycaste bradeorum

One of the species that go through a drier semi dormant period.

Price: $45 BS

Lycaste campbellii

Chartreuse to yellow with green tips. Lip butter yellow. Miniature.

Price: $30 NBS

Lycaste cochleata

Multitude of yellow and green flowers. Compact plants.

Price: $25 NBS

Lycaste cruenta

Yellow-orange, red marking on lip. Spicy fragrance.

Price: $25 NBS

Lycaste denningiana

Large flowers on tall stems. Stunning contrast in colour.

Price: $45 BS

Lycaste ciliata

Spicy scent very strong late in day and night. Wall of flowers.

Price: $45 BS

Lycaste fragrans

Icy green with serrated lip. Ecuador.

Price: $45 BS

Lycaste longiscapa

Icy green flowers on tall spikes. Night scented.

Price: $40 NBS

Lycaste macrobulbon

Another of the cadmium yellow coloured species.

Price: $45 BS

Lycaste macrophylla

Dark bronze over green.

Price: $40 BS

Lycaste reichenbachii

Lots of flowers on medium sized plants.

Price: $45 BS

Lycaste skinneri

The base of all large flowered Lycaste. A sib cross of two AM clones.

Price: $35 NBS

Lycaste schilleriana

Long chocolate sepals. Pink lip. Very stately. This is the huge Panamanian form. 18-20 cm appear over 6-8 months.

Price: $60 BS

Lycaste schilleriana

Long chocolate sepals. Pink lip. Very stately. This Ecuadorian form is smaller and fuller.

Price: $45 BS

Lycaste (macrophylla x Leo)

Easy to grow yellow. Very floriferous.

Price: $45 BS

Lycaste Cassiopea ‘Wyld Lips’ AM/AOS

Unusual orange beauty. Free blooming. Division.

Price: $100

Lycasteria Tropical Honey

(Bifrenaria aureo-fulva x Lycaste Jason) A new direction in breeding. Other Lycasterias have been almost impossible to bloom. Mandarin multifloral. Very limited. The first to bloom received an AD/AOS.

Price: $45

Maxillaria nigrescens ‘Ruby fire’

Large red almost black flowers.

Price: $35 BS

Maxillaria sanguinea

Miniature red.

Price: $35 BS

Maxillaria shepeardii ‘Golden Age’

Easy to grow & flower golden yellow, miniature.

Price: $35 BS

Maxillaria tenuifolia ‘Coconut Cream’

Strong coconut scent. Russet.

Price: $25 BS

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