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Masdevallia / Dracula

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Most of the species of both of these spectacular genera are bird pollinated. They grow in the cloud forests of Central and South America. Fragrances vary from candy to carrion. Colours range from neon to secretive. The amazing shape comes from the sepals; the petals and lip are minute in Masdevallia. In Draculas the lip is enticingly mobile. Good humidity is a must to grow these genera successfully. This is especially true for Dracula which must remain moist at all times. Hybrid vigour makes the hybrids much more adaptable and therefore easier to grow.

Dracula gorgona

Cream base marked with deep chestnut and covered with white hairs.

Dracula inaequalis

The name has changed from carderi but it is still a very attractive addition to any collection.

Dracula Jester (platycrater x lotax)

Easy to grow and flower. Nice combination of the two parents.

Dracula platycrater

Free flowering. Large flat triangular flowers.

Dracula polyphemus

Almost solid red flat flowers.

Dracula vampira

The king of Draculas. Cream sepals with carbon black veins. Horrific. Awesome.

Price: $60 BS

Masdevallia Angelita ‘Repunzel’ AM/AOS

(Angel Frost x sanctaeinese) Always in bloom. Warm grower.

Masdevallia Bella Donna

(coccinea x datura) Large white flowers with pink blush. Very elegant. Warm to intermediate.

Masdevallia coccinea

This species comes many brilliant colours. We have available several awarded clones, all of which are spectacular. This species performs better under cooler conditions.

Masdevallia coccinea var xanthina ‘M. Wayne Miller’ AM/AOS

Deep cadmium yellow. 

Masdevallia coccinea ‘Mark Daniel’

This clone is easy to bloom.

Masdevallia coccinea ‘SanBar Red Flare’ HCC/AOS

Flaming red.

Masdevallia coccinea var alba ‘Snowbird’ AM/AOS

Pure snowy white. The alba form.

Masdevallia Paul Martinod (coccinea x exquisite)

Very floriferous. Beautiful white flowers marked with a magenta star centrally. Flowers are held well above foliage. Easy to grow under intermediate conditions. Several awarded clones available.

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