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Potting Media

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Potting Media

We use a wide variety of materials. Different root systems and water requirements dictate which material is used. We carry hobby size bags, enough to repot about 4 , 5 inch pots for your convenience.

For seedlings and fine rooted plants:

New Zealand sphagnum 
Price $16   150 gm brick    $40 500 gm brick

Chilean 5 star sphagnum 
Price $12   150 gm brick    $30 500 gm brick

Seedling bark mix (fine bark, perlite, carcoal)
Price $ 8.00 

Coconut fibre 
Price $ 5.00 

Coconut chunks in brick form
small   medium     large      Price $4.00  

Medium bark 
Price $8.00 

Coir bricks  Price $2.00


Additives to make your own mixes:

Charcoal 2 litres 
Price $5.00

Spongerock 2 litres 
Price $5.00

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