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When one is looking for a very special orchid there are two ways to go. One can purchase a mericlone of a superior, often awarded plant or one can go the seedling route. With the mericlone one knows exactly what one is getting because it is a duplicate of the original clone.
The seedling route is more of a gamble. Each orchid seedling is as different from each other as are children in a family. Even with superior parents, the results vary. Some seedlings are poor, some are average and a very few are definitely superior. When one of these blooms in your collection, you have something truly special. You won't find the Kennedy's at the Casino but when it comes to promising orchid seedlings, we cannot resist. Over the years this gambling has paid off in the flowering of numerous spectacular and or unique orchids.
The American Orchid Society recognizes these special orchid clones by granting them special designations that are world recognized and become part of that clone’s unique name.

CBR Certificate of Botanical Recognition
CHM Certificate Horticultural Merit
AD Award of Distinction
JC Judges Commendation
HCC Highly Commended Certificate: for flower quality 75 – 79 points
AM Award of Merit: for flower quality 80 – 89 points
FCC First Class Certificate: for flower quality 90 – 100 points
CCM Certificate of Cultural Merit

Here are some of our recent awards.

Ada keiliana "Our Tropics" HCC/AOS
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